Happy Customer Quotes: We Love Cowgirl Chocolates

I just have to tell you that your chocolate is a huge hit in my family. We are gourmet chocolate lovers and have tried chocolates from all over the world. Our taste buds have become very discriminating :)

FYI, We also love hot!!! We have never found a chocolate that is hot enough for our taste. We've tried every one we come across. When I discovered your product on the blog, FoodMayhem, I had to give it a try.

First I sent a box to my daughter in Chicago and her reports were fabulous. Then I just purchased a box for my son who just turned 21 last week. He was gracious enough to let me taste (a little bite only) a caramel and a dark chocolate truffle. The caramel was truly amazing. Perfect sweetness and creaminess. I was hoping it would have been hotter. We like it alarming! But we found that if we savored it and let it sit in our mouth, it had a nice zing. Your chocolate is truly one of the best we've had, probably in the top three.

Would you consider making a batch of XXXhot caramel? I believe we would buy it as Christams gifts. I have a friend who, when eating hot foods, doesn't consider it hot enough unless his bald head sweats :)

I'm looking forward to trying the spicy hot chocolate, as well. I'm certain you'll be hearing from us again. Thanks for providing such delight!
Zurn Perry

My friend just brought back some of the brittle for us today! It’s the best. I just had to tell you.
Lynn Compass

I'm really impressed with your chocolate and as soon as I lose a little more weight I'll order more. LOL, I love the heat and wonderful creamy flavors. Best I've ever had!

Dear Marilyn (the head cowgirl)
Hats off to you missy.....I'm happy to report that I received my cowgirl chocolates the very next day (Cinco de Mayo). Fortunately, they arrived before I started in on the "tequila shooters" hee, hee. Had a hangover or I would have written yesterday (just kidding). They are a gift, so no kudos for the taste (fabulous, I'm sure).

Thank you for the prompt service.

Have a rowdy Mother's Day.

Hi Marylin ** Head Cowgirl**

I just Wanted to send you a note to say a big Thank You. I received my order so fast I’m convinced you took an early flight this morning and got it to me.

Secondly I love the spicy Buckin’ Hot Habanero Caramels. Wow I was blown away.

I’ll be back for more! Thanks so much for the fantastic customer service and producing an AMAZING PRODUCT.

Thank you! I do wish these were for me - I am a midwife and at a recent birth, our client had these little gift bags for us. They were amazing!! I will certainly be sending more little gifts like these in the future. Thanks for making something so yummy
Rowen Holland

Hi Marilyn, and thanks for this!

I think the note I sent you with the order didn't go through. Here's the abridged version: Two years ago I'd ordered a box of these bars for a cowgirl-themed birthday dinner I was hosting (for myself, as egotistical as that sounds!). Just before the date, I had to have my gallbladder and part of my liver taken out - so the party was canceled and I just gave the bars out to friends who passed through my office once I'd returned to work. But I always remembered how kind you were - you replied when I told you I was throwing a cowgirl bash and said something or other that made me laugh - so this year, as I started to plan the party again, I immediately knew I had to give you my return business!

The day after I placed this order, I lost my job - so this party on Saturday is very well-timed! Can't wait to hand out the bars and tell my friends about your company!

Thanks a lot and I'll let you know when they arrive!


I knew I'd love 'em! Yum yum! They're not too hot for me. They're juuuuuuuust right :)

Thank you,

Thanks Marilyn ~

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your website and I want to wish you and all the CowGirls, all the best in 2009.

The gal I'm sending this too was kind and thoughtful enough to rescue my wool fly-fishing hat (with my favorite flies attached to the brim, when I left it at the Timberline Bar & Grill in Victor (my namesake) , Idaho. Kelsey was a sweetheart and I promised to return her kindness with her favorite thing which she said was chocolate. What a better match than your fine offering to a gal who stole my heart for the evening and then rescued my hat.

Ain't Life grand?!

Victor "Hombre" Kollock
Evans, WA

WOW!! Thank you Marilyn!! The truffles/caramels arrived today - WAAAY sooner than I expected!! That was lightning fast! It must've arrived via special speedy cowgirl courier. ;) And the box is just perfect - and of course the treats inside are too! I was going to give this as a gift, but I absolutely could not help myself and was a very bad person and opened it up/ate a few treats... tsk on me. I'll just have to save up again and place another order soon. ;) It's okay, there's still a little bit of time before xmas... !

Thanks again -- happy trails to you!

Got my box of "choklates" today. You cowgirls certainly know your way around truffles!! Love them!!!
Janet Edwards

Dear Cowgirl Chocolates,

Recently I ordered your Cowgirl Signature 1/2 pound Sampler Truffle Box and had it sent to a friend in California who appreciates fine chocolate. She emailed to thank me and I wanted to share some of what she wrote:

I love them all. The chocolates are devine, and perfectly spiced so that you can taste the nuances of the cacoa, but still experience that capsaicin rush. Good choice my friend!

They arrived in great condition, packaged with a mostly melted freezer pack, but the choclate not melted at all. And it was so beautifully wrapped, with lovely paper and a ribbon with a cute cowgirl hat charm, just awesome!!! I will savor these for, well as long as they last, which may not be long.

I have ordered from you a few times in the past and have always been pleased with your excellent products and helpful staff. This time was no exception. Thank you again for your excellent service.


Mike DiRuscio

Hi Marilyn,

I want to THANK YOU so much for making sure my Mom got her B-day present on time.
She was so delighted with the box, truffles, and very impressed with your phone call to her regarding the present.
I must say it is extremely rare to find a company now a days that goes the extra mile to make a customer happy.

Thank you so much, and I am going to recommend "Cowgirl Chocolates" to all of my family, and friends.

Christy Skinner

Dear Head Cowgirl,

I wanted to thank you for the special attention you gave this gift. My dad
loved everything. He loved the toffee and is still working his way through
the box.

Thank you so much!

Dallas Sipes Chapman

Dear Head Cowgirl Marilyn,

Just to let you know I received your package yesterday. I am so grateful to you for replacing the one lost by the Post Office; you are too kind! My girlfriend will be delighted with the caramels and truffles; I imagine you'll be hearing from her also. Again, thanks so much for your assistance and generosity. People like you make the world a much nicer place! Hugs,
Dee Vallair

Wonderful - thank you so much! Your customer service is fantastic.

My wife got me your chocolates for Valentines Day. She knows I like cool & unusual foods. I loved the chocolates, the combination of sweet & spicy just went great together. I think the habanero caramels are my favorite. We like them so much we thought our friends would enjoy them too.


We received the baskets on Saturday in time for Easter and they were fantastic. Thank You! We L-O-V-E your products and tell everybody we know about you. Sometimes we give our friends samples (if we have any left over).

Have had rave reviews from the folks here at DHS who found truffle samplers waiting in their mail boxes this morning.

Thanks to you & your staff, we may make it to 3:00pm Wed. afternoon when our spring break FINALLY begins.

They came!! OMG are those caramels good! and the truffles are wonderful too, great job! I will definetly keep you guys in mind when I have special people to celebrate, well ones who like things "spicy"

Thanks again,

I was so excited when I got your "free shipping" e-mail on Friday, & I placed an order as soon as my sociology class left.

I'm a high school librarian/sociology-psychology teacher.
Wonder what Freud would say about my obsession with chocolate?

Anyway, I can't believe my order arrived today.

I bought a number of your little draw-string bag samplers to give co-workers as a "yes, we can make it to spring break...it's almost here...don't give up now" gift.

I had my first Spicy Cowgirl Truffle in Helena, MT. & have never fogotten how wonderful it was.
Whenever we come to Idaho-Montana-Wyoming, I immediately start looking for your truffles.

I'm so excited that I'm going to get to share them with my friends...and my husband's birthday is later this week, & I think he's going to be excited, too, about his share of my order.

Thanks so much for making a GREAT product.
Patricia Twilla

Greetings from a satisfied customer in Alaska!! We tried the 1/4 pound truffle sampler and all of us loved them! Can't wait to hear how my Mom likes them, as we are giving her some for her birthday next month! We will be sure to return for more soon! :) Thanks and best wishes!
Tanya Brewi

Hi Head CG Marilyn!
I am so excited for my Dad to enjoy these amazing chocolates! He is a chocolate monster...but he has never tasted this COW GIRL DELICIOUS GOODNESS! I must admit Victoria and I had to each taste them to make sure
they would be ok for all our guests at The Art Spirit Gallery tomorrow night!

I am sure you hear this all the time...but it is true...the spicy cappuccino truffle must be the magic one in Chocolat the book and movie! OMGoodness!! LOVE IT!
Thank you!

Got em! They’re mighty fine. Thanks.
William C Boothe


Thank you for your great service and "great chocolates", that have become one my wife's "expected Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas to you and all your cowgirls and cowboys!
Jim Dunbar

Hi Marilyn
The Cowgirl Chocolates arrived in great shape. Tried the Buckin hot caramels. They were great. A good bite of
Habanero with creamy caramel.
John R Richeson

Hi Marilyn,

My wife Aimee had a healthy and happy baby boy October 2nd just a day or so after she got her Cowgirl Chocolates! We figure the spicy sweetness finally got the little fellow moving. :-)

Aimee is doing very well and everything went well. We enjoyed the Cowgirl Chocolates immensely. The were fun and delicious.

We have named the baby Shane Michael. I have attached a small picture for you.

Thanks again for everything. We will be sure to tell everyone here in Buckeye Country about Cowgirl Chocolates!
Trey Porter

Thanks! I'll be on the lookout for the package. Luckily, it has been unseasonably cool down here in Sacramento.

Thanks for honoring the shipping coupon!

Love CG Chocolates! Even in this time of recession they are my vice. Well, that and a good latte. Everything else I can almost live without.

Take care!

Hi Marilyn,
I got the chocolates and really enjoyed them!! I just love it when local Idaho businesses kick butt! :) I enjoyed them so much that I blogged about them (blog address is in my signature) and I'm doing a give away letting the winner pick 5 Truffle Bar flavors of their choice! So I'll be placing another order very soon, thanks again for making some very yummy
Jayme Montoya

Howdy (Again), Marilyn!
Like I was mentioning before, I just ADORED the sweet/spicy combination in the chocolates! JUST WONDERFUL! Even the mild chocolates were so smooth and delectable! Delicious, every one!
Marilyn, I am now and forever more a FAN OF COWGIRL CHOCOLATES! I don't know exactly when I'll be ordering more...but you can just bet that I will!
Thank you for sendin' and educatin' me on the joys of spicy chocolate!
With Many Thanks from a New Cowgirl Chocolate Fan,
Pamela Pittman

Dear Carise the assistant head cowgirl
We were so overwhelmed because your candy is soooo wonderful :)
I got my caramels on Saturday and finished them immediately :( Thank you so very much.
Thanks for the coupons!!!

They were delicious and I was so impressed with the packaging and quantity you sent. The package was so cute. I love all western decor...and what a nice size bag of beautiful chocolates. They are so yummy. I am not sharing. I will tell all my cowgirl friends though about your web site. In fact I will pass that on to them right now.

Thank you again for the delicious surprise.

From California


Thank you so much for contacting me. I would love to save the money on shipping, however, the hotel where my husband is staying will only accept FedEx or UPS packages for him. If you have any other suggestions, I'm open. Otherwise, I'm willing to pay the price.

I can't wait for him to try your awesome caramels. He is going to flip.

I am extremely impressed that you contacted me regarding this. I have worked in customer service for many years, and I know when someone has gone above and beyond what is required. Thank you so much! I will be placing another order tomorrow evening as thanks. I will definitely refer you to friends and acquaintances.

Tera Blackham...a cowgirl wannabe

you're the best
(and so are your chocolates)

It is great to order from honest cowgirls! Thanks so much.
Have a good week.

Got it.... Yummmmmmmmm!


Thank you for the attention to detail and follow up. It is always a pleasure to purchase from your company.

Best Regards,

I received the chocolates in record time and I am enjoying them in record time, too! My friend and co-worker, Ralph Crawford, highly recommended them to me. He told me he has been hooked on Cowgirl for years.

Thank you for creating such high quality luxury chocolates.